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Super 8 Movie Film to DVD Transfer

San Diego's Premiere Super 8mm film to DVD or digital video file transfer service. Don't let vinegar syndrome damage your films beyond repair, transfer them now.

For 19 years, Sunray Video has been transferring Super 8 film to DVD and video.  We handle every film transfer project personally and treat it like our very own from the moment we take possession of your home movies until you pick them up.  


super 8 film transfer

Super 8mm film prior to processing

    We NEVER send your films out to an out-of-state mass-transfer factory for conversion.  And we provide a FREE evaluation of your home movies to determine their condition and we'll help you figure out how much video you have.

We provide one of the fastest Super 8mm film transfer service available!

Introduced in the mid 1960s, Super 8 film was considered an improvement over regular 8mm since it had the capability of capturing a larger frame image due to the smaller sprocket holes.  With the development of the film cartridge, super 8 film could then be loaded into a camera much faster than 8mm reels, in an average of about 2 seconds.  

Pricing/ordering information


What's the difference between Super 8mm movie film and Video 8 or Hi8 video tape?

  There has been some confusion with the names used for the various 8mm formats.  Regular 8mm and Super 8 film (see picture below-left) are two names that are used for referring to home movie films that most people used between the 1930s and the early 1980s. The 8mm format is what will be referred to on this page.  8mm (Video 8), Hi8 and Digital8 (see picture below-right) refer to the videotape formats used in Sony, Canon and Sharp camcorders manufactured between the mid 1980s and the early 2000s.   All three of these formats use the same size camcorder videotape (pictured below).  Sunray also transfers these video formats to DVD and they are discussed in more detail on our 8mm video to dvd conversion page.

8mm film to dvd transfer hi8 to dvd transfer
Super 8 Movie Film 8 mm / Hi8 / Digital8 Video tape

What's the difference between 8mm & Super 8 movie film?

  While both 8mm and Super 8 are 8mm wide from edge to edge, Super 8 film will have smaller sprocket holes running along the edge (see photos below).  The smaller holes allows for a larger frame or image size over the same film width. The larger the frame size, the better the image quality typically.  You can learn more about Super 8 movies on our Super 8 film page

8mm movie film   8mm movie film to dvd
Super 8 movie film   super 8 film to dvd

What's the difference between Super 8 & Super 8 with sound?

  While both Super 8mm and Super 8 with sound are 8mm wide from edge to edge and have the same sized sprocket holes, Super 8 sound film has a brown magnetic strip running along both edges of the film (see photo below).  The magnetic strip provided the ability to record audio on the film itself that could be played back while the film is being viewed on a project, provided the projector has sound capability.  There are some super 8 films that have optical instead of magnetic sound.  These films will have what looks like a squiggly line zig-zagging back and forth along the edge of the film.  It's located where the magnetic strip appears in the photo below, in place of the magnetic strip. 

Super 8 movie film   super 8 to dvd transfer
Super 8 film with sound   super 8 sound film to dvd transfer


Get up to $100 off your Film Transfer when you join Sunray's VIP list Today!

Be sure to check the box for Super 8 film


How do I determine how much film I have?

  To find out how much Super 8 mm film footage you have, measure the diameter of your film reels (straight across the middle of the reel from one edge to the other).  If full, each reel can hold the following:

film to video transfer


How much super 8 film will fit on a DVD or hard drive? 

  A DVD can hold up to 2 hours of film.  That's the equivalent of about 2,000 feet of super 8mm film.

Film Type 2 hour DVD will hold up to File size - AVI or MOV File size - MP4
Super 8 film 2,000 feet 26GB 2.6GB


Saving your film with Digital Masters and Gold Archival DVDs

  Most movie transfer companies offer conversion from film to DVD only.  That's great but what if your disc happens to get scratched or damaged?  Look at the surface of some of your discs now; how do they look?  We offer 4 ways to save the memories from your home movies that just are not available from most places.

Digital Master Tapes

We provide a digital master tape with every order.  The tape contains the original uncompressed version of your film transfer project.  From this master we can make additional or replacement DVDs, digitize your films to a flash or hard drive or convert them to any other format you desire, now or later.  And you'll never need to have your films transferred all over again.  Available on DVCAM, Mini DV and Digital 8 while supplies last.

Gold 100-year Archival DVDs

Only the true Gold Archival DVDs are manufactured to last at least 100 years.  Read more about the Gold Archival DVDs here.

Digitizing to flash & external hard drives

We can digitize your films to AVI, MOV or MP4 files and put them on a flash or hard drive for you.  They'll be ready to edit when you are.


Polavision Film

  Launched in 1977 by Polaroid, the Polavision 8mm film was designed to do for movie film what the Polariod Land instant camera did for photographs, creating films that you didn't have to send out to a lab for processing.  While it was intended to make home movie recording and viewing easier, you needed to have the Polavision projector/viewer unit in order to watch them.  Otherwise you'd have to break the film out of the cartridge (pictured below) and put it on a film reel in order to watch them on a regular projector.

Polavision movie film Polavision 8mm film to dvd transfer


Never got off the ground

Unfortunately the Polavision only lasted a few years.  VHS & Betamax video tape disrupted any chance the format had of being successful.


It is interesting to watch the old commercials for it though.


Classic commercial for Polavision featured on the Tonight Show.

8mm movie film near the end of its life-cycle

  We received many reels of film that have shown signs of fading, warping, color-shifting, shrinking, mold, and acetate film base degradation, often referred to as "vinegar syndrome" due to the overwhelming vinegar-like odor coming from the film itself.  There is an article on the National Film Preservation Foundation's website that discusses vinegar syndrome.  It mentions "The symptoms of vinegar syndrome are a pungent vinegar smell (hence the name), followed eventually by shrinkage, embrittlement, and buckling of the gelatin emulsion. Storage in warm and humid conditions greatly accelerates the onset of decay. Once it begins in earnest, the remaining life of the film is short because the process speeds up as it goes along."

super 8 film to video transfer

Mold accumulated on 8mm film reel

Needless to say, that if you still have any home movies lying around in a closet, this would be the best time to transfer them to video before they disintegrate.  Every month that goes by can mean the difference between whether the film reel is still able to be transferred at all or not.  Unfortunately, we've had to inform a few of our customers that there was nothing we could do to save their film.

Pricing info

We offer 4 options for transferring your Super 8mm film to digital form:  

Preview package includes: 1 standard DVD copy. 

Premiere package includes: 1 Gold 100-year Archival DVD copy and 1 standard DVD copy.

Digital file only package includes: Digitizing to AVI, MOV or MP4 file/s. No DVDs in this package.

Color-correction package includes: Scene by scene color-correction applied then put on 1 Gold 100-year Archival DVD copy and 1 standard DVD copy.  Digitizing to AVI, MOV or MP4 file/s may be substituted for DVDs. DVDs and digitized files are available for an additional charge.

NOTE: Polavision film will be removed from the cartridges and spliced together onto larger reels.  $4 per cartridge will be added to order to cover the labor required to remove the film from the cartridges.

High-resolution film transfer process (from film to video) Preview Premiere Package Digital file only Package Color-correction Package
Up to 499 feet $ .25/ft $ .27/ft $ .27/ft* $ .33/ft
500 to 1,499 feet $ .23/ft $ .24/ft $ .24/ft* $ .30/ft
1,500 to 2,999 feet $ .21/ft $ .22/ft $ .22/ft* $ .28/ft
3,000 to 4,999 feet $ .19/ft $ .20/ft $ .20/ft* $ .25/ft
5,000 feet or more $ .17/ft $ .18/ft $ .18/ft* $ .23/ft
Standard DVD included? Yes Yes No Yes
100 Year Gold Archival DVD included? No Yes No Yes
Digital Master tape included? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digitizing to AVI, MOV or MP4 files (flash/hard drive not included) Add $20.00/hr of film Add $20.00/hr of film Yes May be substituted in place of DVDs
Digitizing to 2 file formats (hard drive not incl.) Add $30.00/hr of film Add $30.00/hr of film Add $10.00/hr of film Add $30.00/hr of film

*Price does not include flash or hard drive

Additional Options

Adding Music or Projector Sound* - $ .01/foot of film

Adding Narration - Call for pricing

Adding Titles in the Video - $5/title

Adding Chapter Titles to the DVD Menu - $5/chapter

Additional Gold DVD copies - $15/disc     3 Gold Copies of same disc - $40

            (each gold DVD comes with a standard DVD copy FREE)

Additional Standard DVD copy - $ 9/disc     3 copies of same disc - $18    5 copies of same disc - $25

USB drive (Flash or External Hard Drive) - Call

All film orders under 250 feet will be charged a minimum charge of $ 50.00 for transfer from film to video (includes digital master tape and DVD).  $60 minimum charge for Premiere Package upgrade.
California residents will be charged sales tax of 8.00% on all orders, as per California law.

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Acetate film base degradation (vinegar syndrome) -_National Film Preservation Foundation website



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