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Seminars, Convention & Conference Video

We've been video taping conferences, conventions and seminars for over 16 years.  Very few professional commercial video production companies have been around San Diego that long.  In addition to full production capabilities, we offer imag (image magnification), video and computer projection equipment for your conference.  Our rates beat most hotel A/V departments!

Do you have an important conference coming up?

Videotaping conferences and convention panels efficiently and effectively requires some advanced planning.  Many questions have to be answered including:

What will the video be used for?

Who will be watching the video?

How will it be used?

How many people will be speaking during a given session?

Will there be any audio or visual aids used in the presentation like PowerPoint for example?  

What will the lighting be like?  Will any additional lighting be needed?

Do you want the audience included in any of the shots?

There are many other factors that will need to be determined, as well, in order to ensure your final product fulfills all of your requirements in the most effective way.  For example, how many cameras will be needed to provide adequate coverage of the event?  If your seminar requires 2 or more cameras, then there's another decision to make.

Edit in Post Production or Live Mix?

For seminars videotaped with 2 or more cameras, most video production companies choose to edit the footage from each camera at their studios after the event is over.  They'll attempt to synchronize the footage and look for the best camera angle available for each section of the video.  The biggest disadvantages of using this process are:  

No control over shots - Since each operator works independently of the other operators and makes their own decision on what shot to capture at any given time, the editor has to work with whatever he or she has to work with.
More expensive - The general industry rule-of-thumb for determining how long it will take to edit a basic project is to multiply the number of hours spent on location at the event (not just shooting time) by the number of camera operators and then multiply that by 3.  For example, let's say you have a seminar that is scheduled to go from 8am to 5pm with an hour for lunch.  That makes the seminar 8 hours long.  Breaks are not subtracted for the purposes of calculating editing time.  You used 2 cameras to videotape the seminar.  That's 8 hours times 2 cameras equals 16.  Multiply 16 times 3 to get the estimate of how long it may take to edit, 48 hours.  Now multiply 48 hours times their hourly editing rate (some companies charge as much as $150 per hour) and that's how much the editing will cost you.
If you need to add PowerPoint slides into the video, that could add more editing time to the bill, as it will be somewhat difficult to try to figure out where each slide goes in the video. 

On a tight budget?  You may want to consider the advantages of live-mixing during the taping.  

What is live-mixing?
A: You'll see this process being used all of the time on talk shows like the Tonight Show or the Late show.  There needs to be at least two cameras in order to take advantage of this option.  The director will be seated in front of a mixing console, several video monitors, and a video deck for recording the final master version of the seminar.  From here, the director can see what shot every camera is recording and choose the best camera angle to record onto the final video.
The director can instruct each camera operator as to what their camera should be focused on at any given moment during the presentation.  This gives the director more control over the choice of shots he or she will have to work with and he or she will go ahead and insert the best shot into the final video while the seminar is still be videotaped.  Since most of the editing is being performed during the videotaping, the editing time will be reduced dramatically.  Only a few hours of editing should be necessary for clean-up purposes and adding titles as necessary.

You'll be amazed by the quality of our live-mixed videos!

SUNRAY EXCLUSIVE - If you need PowerPoint slides included on the video, we have just the solution for you.  We have the ability to insert PowerPoint slides directly into the final video WHILE we're live-mixing it!  This will save you even more money.  No other company has ever offered this option.

Videotaping a Seminar with One Camera and PowerPoint

If you're only going to have one camera videotaping the seminar and you need PowerPoint slides be added into the final video, we can save you money by inserting them WHILE we're videotaping.

Are you expecting a large audience? 

If your seminar or convention is going to be held in a large ballroom or you're expecting a large crowd, then you may need a large screen and a bright projector.  We have a variety of data and video projectors available for  projecting Power Point slides or close-ups of your speaker (often referred to as "IMAG")  so, all of the members of your audience will be able to see him or her, even the ones in the back of the room.  We can even set up two projectors so you'll have one for each.  Whether you need a 40" or 300" screen, we have the projection system for you.  If you want to record the seminar for archive purposes, to show to those who were unable to attend, or for use as future video product sales, we can do that, too.  

Do you need copies of the video for selling or handing out? 

Whether you need DVD copies or you want help with designing the artwork for the video covers, our professional staff can fulfill all of your duplication and replication needs and help you through every step of the process. 

Do you need the video converted to PAL? 

We can convert your video to a PAL DVD.

Do you need part or all of your presentation encoded for the internet? 

We can encode any portion or all of your seminar into any of the popular web formats including MP4, flash or Windows Media.


Why choose us?

There's no substitute for experience.  We've been producing training and commercial videos professionally for over 16 years.  Our vast experience enables us to be prepared for most of those unexpected surprises that tend to happen at the worst possible times.  Often we've provided ideas for the video our clients never considered.


We're happy to meet with you to discuss the goals, requirements, and expectations for your project.  We'll ask you a series of questions, show you how the process works, and discuss all of the options that are available to you.  Our goal is to help you determine what you'll actually need for your next video project.  We'll be there to answer questions and guide you through every step of the process.  Our team of professionals are experts on developing creative solutions to solve your most challenging issues.  We work closely with you to ensure that your final product fulfills your every need.

Pre-production Phase

We'll discuss your goals and the intended audience for the video and determine the appropriate resources (both equipment and personnel) needed to make a successful product.  We provide scripting services for the video when needed.  When a video production is planned well, it saves a lot of time and money in the production phase.

Production Phase

Our professional video production team will determine the ideal placement for cameras, lighting, microphones, etc. to achieve the optimal sound and picture quality possible.  Our goal is to make sure that all of the material recorded fulfills the objective of the video and the process goes as smoothly as possible.  When the production phase goes well, it saves time and money in the post-production phase.

Post-production Phase

Once we have all of the materials needed, we begin the editing process where everything is pulled together into a smooth-flowing video.  Titles, music, narration, etc. are added during this process if applicable.

Delivering the Final Product

Once the video is complete, it can be put onto DVD, uploaded to the web or even put into a file on a flash drive.  For DVDs we can author the disc with custom menu/s if desired, make copies, design and print labeling on the discs, design, print and package the discs in a variety of packaging options.  For the web we can encode and upload the video.

Online video accessible from virtually everywhere

The convenience of putting your video online makes it easy for anyone to watch on their computer, tablet or even a smart phone.

Call Sunray Video to record your next seminars and conferences

We use only top quality, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment for professional results.

We offer customized packages to suit your particular requirements.  

All videotaped information is kept strictly confidential.  

Give us a call today to discuss how we can make your next event a HUGE SUCCESS!              


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List of additional services available:

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Call for additional services available.

The Sunray Advantage

Our trained staff knows how to capture your event professionally with minimal intrusion.
We can provide multiple cameras for maximum coverage.
We use multiple microphones (when possible) for the best sound possible.
Video projection is available for displaying information to large groups.
We can accommodate most special requests.



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